Environmental Services of Environmental Solutions International : Landfill Reduction, Composting, and Compressed Earthen Blocks

ESI = Landfill Reduction, Compost & Fertilizers,
and Compressed Earthen Blocks

The Green Solution to Waste is Landfill Reduction, Compost Fertilizers and Compressed Earthen Blocks.


Organic Fertilizer can and will replace chemical fertilizers that have significantly higher costs.

Compost / Fertilizers

Organic Compost / Fertilizer is a process where we use clean organic waste, green waste and market waste to make the Organic Compost that can be further beneficiated into the Organic Fertilizer.



Compressed Earthen blocks are made from local soils with around 30 per cent clay, local soils, sand, landfill waste, and builders rubble.

Compressed Earthen Blocks

Compressed Earthen blocks are made from local soils with around 30% clay, local soil, sand and landfill waste, like builders rubble.




Hydrocarbon Sludge Liquefaction

We offer a chemical process that will liquefy hydrocarbon sludge found in storage tanks, pipelines, ship holds and other oil storage areas. Our process significantly reduces costs and the time it takes to clean an oil storage tank.




Additional Technologies

We continue to add to our environmental services and technologies:

  • Aquatic Plant Harvesting
  • Reservoir and Waterway Dredging
  • Landfill Management and Volume Reduction
  • Tire Recycling and Remediation
  • Wood Plastic Composite


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