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Hydrocarbon Sludge Liquefaction

Hydrocarbon Sludge Liquefaction Demo at Chevron, Dumai

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This is a video showing how our sludge liquefaction product breaks down solidified hydrocarbon sludge.


ESG offers a chemical process that will liquefy hydrocarbon sludge found in storage tanks, pipelines, ship holds and other oil storage areas. Our process significantly reduces costs and the time it takes to clean an oil storage tank.

Presently the standard method for cleaning an 80 meter oil storage tank is to use a European system that breaks down the sludge and creates a liquid or muck that has to be land filled. Presently, as we understand the process, the by-product cannot be used or sold as a low grade fuel. The time it takes to remove a 10% sludge quantity by total tank volume from a storage tank is about 3 to 5 months. The present process has a cost of about four to five million Euros. This is a cost of $6 to $7.5 million US.

Our unique tank cleaning process is very different and has a significantly lower cost. We have a specially designed application method and the by-product produced is a low grade fuel oil with a value of approximately $200 USD per ton at today's market value.

To apply our Liquefaction Product, we utilize a high intensity and powerful (10 bar) pump to force our product into the hydrocarbon sludge and agitate it as well insuring adequate mixing and contact with the “Bulk Sludge”. An 80 meter tank will need three of our liquid cannons. A 50 meter tank will need two cannons, and smaller tanks will need one cannon. To remove 10% sludge quantity, by tank total volume, from an 80 meter tank typically requires 3 to 4 WEEKS and the tank will be back in service many weeks sooner than with the European system. The cost of cleaning an 80 meter tank is about $4 to $4.5 million USD or about $2.6 to $3.3 million Euros. A SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS!

As our product blends with hydrocarbon sludge, it becomes homogeneous and creates a low grade fuel. To remove sludge, with the European system or manual removal, has a cost that will range from $600 USD to 700 USD per ton and have little to no commercial value. The difference results in a net asset, to the client, of $800 USD per ton.

Presently we are contracted to remove sludge from storage tanks, floating storage facilities, pipelines and other oil storage areas in Syria, PETRONAS Malaysia, PERTAMINA Indonesia, and US oil groups. We are in large scale testing in Japan and lab testing in, Egypt, Nigeria, Angola and S. Africa.

Please let us know if you require any data, videos and or a history of our unique cost effective sludge removal technique should this tank cleaning approach interest you or your team.


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