Environmental Solutions International : Green Landfill Reduction, Compost, and Compressed Earthen Blocks

Welcome to Environmental Solutions Int.

Environmental Solutions International (ESI) is an association of US and foreign organizations that have come together to resolve environmental problems.

ESI has associations and alliances in South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Bolivia, England, Saudia Arabia, India, Italy, Kenya and Japan.

Block-made House in Durban, South Africa

Due to current global demand, ESI has recently decided to concentrate on landfill reduction, landfill management and conversion of waste to useful by-products. Particular technological intervention focuses on making Compressed Earthen Blocks from local soils and builders rubble; conversion of market and green waste into an Organic Compost/Fertilizer and overall volume reduction in what enters a landfill by application of proven waste beneficiation technologies.

ESI has an extensive network with a multitude of technology providers that focus on waste beneficiation and landfill remediation and prides itself in "tailor-made" solutions for individual applications. From small to medium-scale single waste stream solutions to large-scale multi-waste stream and MSW solutions.

ESI's Directors bring with them more than 75 years experience in solving environmental problems.

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