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We are very excited to share with you the "Durban Demonstration House".

The City of Durban has just built this 50 sq. meter house to show the quality that can be attained using the AECT Compressed Earthen Block (CEB) equipment while reducing the overall cost significantly. This house has two bedrooms, a family living area, a kitchen preparation area and an indoor toilet.

The Mayor, Deputy City Manager, Derek Naidoo and Mr. Chris Whyte of the City's "Use-It" department deserve a lot of credit for choosing the AECT Compressed Earthen Block (CEB) process to ensure they had the right equipment to achieve their goals. Mr. Naidoo was the "Champion" of the project and should be applauded for his vision, support, patience and dedication to the project.

Durban's Use-It department worked for more than a year to obtain an "Agreement Certification" that qualifies a new alternative building process and products. This Certification is mandatory before Durban's "Use It" department can legally make proposals to builders or municipalities to build low cost yet high quality homes for their citizens.

"Use-It" estimated they can save Durban about 30% of the cost of building these houses when compared to the conventional building materials and systems already in place. The "Demo House" has a photovoltaic electrical collection and storage system, a hot water system, a rain water collection and storage system, and the high quality and low cost Compressed Earthen Blocks (CEB) for the houses. They are investigating a number of other accessories, like solar water purification, to add to each house. These AECT CEB blocks are 3 to 5 times stronger than cement blocks, 10 times more thermally efficient than cement blocks and 40% to 60% lower in cost for the materials.

The City of Durban should be applauded for it's innovative thinking and action to give the AECT CEB soil block process a serious opportunity to prove what it can do:

"Build the best Compressed Earthen Block House in the world".

Environmental Solutions Group is very pleased to have been a part of the Durban low cost yet high quality housing project. We look forward to working with them in the future.


Compressed Earthen Blocks have been successfully used all over the world for hundreds of years to reduce waste and build strong, lasting housing.

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